Cross reactivity of Clostridium spp.

Jeffrey Smoot jsmoot at
Mon Aug 11 06:02:13 EST 1997

Nick Moody wrote:
> We are considering using and Ab-capture ELISA to test cattle serum
> samples for exposure to botulinum toxin. Does anyone know whether the
> samples could also cross react with other Clostridium spp. like those
> resposible for tetanus, black leg and pulpy kidney.
> Thanks
> Nick

   This may have the information you're looking for.

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TI   Demonstration of the common antigens of Clostridium botulinum, C.
     sporogenes and C. novyi by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and
     electroblot transfer

AU   Poxton, Ian R.

CS   Med. Sch., Univ. Edinburgh, Edinburgh, EH8 9AG, UK
SO   J. Gen. Microbiol. (1984), 130(4), 975-81

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