NEW! The Vaccine Page

Paul Haisman KMPP83C at prodigy.com
Thu Aug 14 07:36:57 EST 1997

SUBJECT: NEW! The Vaccine Page 

The Vaccine Page is a *new* service from UniSci, the daily science news 
page. It is presented in response to the clear need to make information 
about vaccines and immunization available to a wide range of readers 
around the world. 

A parent seeking basic information about "shots" for a child, a medical 
practitioner checking the latest immunization guidelines, a student or a 
researcher gathering information, or anyone looking for a vaccine 
organization or seeking an online journal in the field, can use these 

The Vaccine Page is a serious attempt to collect all useful information 
about vaccines, organize it meaningfully, present it appropriately for 
each of several distinct audiences, and above all, keep it up to date. 

The Vaccine Page can be found at http://www.vaccines.com/

For more information on The Vaccine Page or to add your site to our 
growing database, please visit The Vaccine Page and send us an email.

Thank you.

The UniSci Editors
unisci at _unisci_.com
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