Plasma and Elisa

Keld Sorensen KeldS at
Thu Aug 14 03:37:05 EST 1997

Plasma samples may "clot" out on you during the ELISA process and
"capture" all kinds of crud.

Try the same procedure with a serum sample - if better background, then
you  have a partial answer.

Also, perform a short experiment to see WHERE the BG signal comes from
(is it the sample, is it the primary antibody, is it the secondary, is
it the blocking reagent) - this experiment is best done by running a
know positive and negative sample and leaving out the "crucial"
component (the primary, the secondary etc.) - then sit down and look at
your results and you will be far ahead!

Switching to a high sensitivity substrate will often allow you much
higher dilution of the enzyme conjugate, thereby usually eliminating 
most/all background - I think chemiluminescence is the highest
sensitivity currently.

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