A Rhetorical Question For Those Interested in Vaccination

ATeasd5941 ateasd5941 at aol.com
Sat Aug 16 14:32:00 EST 1997

So you know for certain that autoimmune disease are not 
inherited diseases? I don't think you do! It's only a matter
of time before people with AIDS have their illness kept
at bay. We all know how that can be spread with infected
needles. Their children will probably have children, so 
a new chronic autoimmune disease gets added to the list,
with a pill to keep them alive. And that people is a plausable
reason for the spread of diseases,  can you do better?

BTW don't forget many of the autoimmune disorders were
killers before the advent of medication to keep them at bay.
Come on think, where DID they come from?


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