Stabilty of antibodies

Bryan Kiehl BKiehl at GenBio.com
Mon Aug 18 22:52:29 EST 1997

I agree that most antibodies are stable at 4 c for along time, but
only if kept "clean". Microbial contamination is the most common cause
for problems. Even if you include a preservative, unless the material
starts with a low bioburden (microbes) the antibody will be
inactivated quickly. Also remember that plastic vials not claimed as
sterile can be the main problem.

On Mon, 18 Aug 1997 11:29:11 -0400, mdoherty at pop.niaid.nih.gov (Mark
Doherty) wrote:

>In article <251C903671A at rna.bio.mq.edu.au>, cweir at RNA.BIO.MQ.EDU.AU ("Chris
>Weir") wrote:
>> Hello All,
>>    I have a question regarding accelerated stability of Labelled 
>> antibodies.  I seem to remember that 1 week at 37 c equals one month 
>> at 4 c. Does anyone know of any papers on this type of work? 
>> or any suggestions to get good data.
>I don't know of any papers, but from practical experience, almost all
>antibodies will remain stable at 4C for years rather than months,
>particularly if stored at reasonably high concentrations (1 mg/ml or
>better) or in the presence of an equivalent amount of other proteins.
>Cheers, Mark

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