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luisgong272 at cantv.net luisgong272 at cantv.net
Wed Aug 20 20:19:15 EST 1997

Prontomedica, C.A. is a Venezuelan manufacturer of catheters and tubes,
looking for importers in other countries. We make medical products of the
highest quality at very competitive prices. We have in the past exported to
Portugal, Tunis, Germany, Greece, Malaysia, Korea, Central and South

If you wish to explore a business relationship with us, you can contact us
in any of the following ways:

Carlos Leguizamon, President
Email: catheters at prontomedica.com
Web: http://www.prontomedica.com
Phone: +582-22-5943 / 21-9543
Fax: +582-22-8324

Thank you.

P.S. I (Luis Gonzalez), the sender of this Email, am only a consultant for
Prontomedica. Please direct all your inquiries directly to Prontomedica at
the address listed above.


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