George M. Carter gmc0 at ix.netcom.com
Thu Aug 21 18:48:33 EST 1997

s.anderson at iname.com wrote:

>Immunocal is an all natural whey substance that is FDA approved and
>endorsed by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta.  

What evidence is there for these statements? This is just the most
abject bullshit.

Whey proteins probably help in certain diseases. In others, not.

>We are in
>Phase2 trials with breast patients and  are also in testing with
>Prostrate Cancer Patients.  Immunocal raises the glutathione levels in
>your t-cells and builds them up.  If you would like more information
>concerning Immunocal  email me at s.anderson at iname.com

Really? Where? Who is the PI? Some cancers sustain themselves by
having an unnaturally high glutathione level. So is whey good, bad or
indifferent? Where are the data?

The stuff costs way too damn much. Try either Next Nutrition's
Designer Protein or Optimune.  Much cheaper. Works just as well, I'll
bet. Whey is whey.

		George M. Carter
		(sister of Miss Muffet)

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