HELP: Cell lines express it all!!!!

Sihaam Boolay Boolay at
Wed Aug 27 03:02:30 EST 1997

Dear All

I have immortalised olfactory cell lines from embryonic mice. As part of 
the characterisation, I intend to use ICC with various antibodies. I will 
be using Nestin and NF160 for neuronal markers; GFAP and O1 for 
non-neuronal markers and Keratin. I have used primary cultures from whole 
brains to optimise the various antibodies. However, when I used the same 
conditions for each antibody on the cell lines, all the cell lines 
express all the antibodies. From these results, the cell lines express 
both neuronal and non-neuronal markers. 
I have tried optimising the individual antibodies on the cell lines - but 
I`m not sure whether this is a good idea as I don`t know what the 
expression pattern of each cell line is.

Can anyone advise me on how to optimise these antibodies for the 
olfactory cell lines. 

A reply will be greatly appreciated.
Sihaam Boolay (PhD student)

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