p53 and canine tissue

dr jh walter jhwpatho at zedat-fu-berlin.de
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De Groote Dominic <dominic.degroote at rug.ac.be> wrote:

> Hello,
> Does anybody know an antibody directed against p53 which crossreacts
> with canine tissue.
> Thanks,
> De Groote Dominic

Dr. Teifke, Inst. Vet.-Pathol. in Giessen, has some experience in this
Try: Teifke, J. P. & Lohr, C. V. (1996): Immunohistochemical detection
of P53 overexpression in paraffin wax-embedded squamous cell carcinomas
of cattle, horses, cats and dogs. Journal of Comparative Pathology 114:

Hope it helps!

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