Immunomodulator - definition

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Fri Aug 29 21:24:00 EST 1997

>Can anyone give me the clinical definition of an immunomodulator?
>Can anyone tell me where I might find such a definition?

I'd say it's any drug that can act on the immune system and alter its
function (that's what modulation means, right?).  They could be classified
in two groups: immunosupressants (cyclosporine, rapamycine, tacrolimus, 
mycofenolate mofetil, glucocorticoids, metothrexate, ciclofosfamide, etc.)
and immunostimulants (levamisol, vaccines?, inactivated BCG, interleukins,
GM-CSF, interferons, maybe some thymic hormones, etc.).
You should go to a pharmacology textbook for a (surely) much better definition
(don't know what's your field, but for medicine, Goodman Gilman's the golden

Hope it helps,

Facundo Garcia Bournissen.
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