George M. Carter gmc0 at ix.netcom.com
Wed Dec 3 08:57:49 EST 1997

Randy Pentland <pentland at nb.sympatico.ca> wrote:

>Hey brother! I'm just a honest person trying to make an honest
>dollar.What do you know about glutathione anyway? 

Quite a lot more than you, I am certain.

>This doctor who
>developed this product spent a considerable amount of time on this (18
>years).It is not only for people who have AIDS or Hep C but for other
>people who have other ailments.

I have met one of the researchers, Baruchel. You don't know who you're
talking to. 

>   For example; It boost the immune system, it reduces cholesterol,
>prevents cataracts, and it does many other things.


>   The price is only $75.00 a month CDN and that's for 30 packets. I
>don't consider that too expensive at all. 

I think that is absurd. 30 packets equals how many grams? Or ounces?

>   By the way I'm no salesman, But I'm trying to give people other
>chances at life just by trying out this product.


>    Lighten up !! Relax.

No, sir. I will not "lighten up." I think what Immunocal is doing is
simply gouging. Let alone the fact that this is simply gouging people
who are ill. I think whey IS a good product--but it can be purchased
other places for a lot less.

		George M. Carter

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