Randy Pentland pentland at nb.sympatico.ca
Tue Dec 2 21:51:17 EST 1997

Hey brother! I'm just a honest person trying to make an honest
dollar.What do you know about glutathione anyway? This doctor who
developed this product spent a considerable amount of time on this (18
years).It is not only for people who have AIDS or Hep C but for other
people who have other ailments.
   For example; It boost the immune system, it reduces cholesterol,
prevents cataracts, and it does many other things.
   The price is only $75.00 a month CDN and that's for 30 packets. I
don't consider that too expensive at all. 
   By the way I'm no salesman, But I'm trying to give people other
chances at life just by trying out this product.
    Lighten up !! Relax.
                                                    Randy Pentland

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