Has anybody taken GRE-subject(Biochem)?

Myeong Lee mlee10 at haywire.csuhayward.edu
Fri Dec 5 02:21:16 EST 1997


I am planing to take GRE-subject test for Biochemistry, Cell, and
Molecular Biology. However, I
have some problems about Cell biology. Unlike other subjects, I have
tried to find some studying
materials, but unlike other subjects, it is not easy to find good
Now, I am studying with one textbook that is named as "Molecular aspect
of cell biology".
This book is very good textbook, but it is too broad.
Anybody has some good advice or is there anybody want to sell used
materials? Please send me an
e-mail to me. I will  really appreciate you.
Thank you for your concerning.

mlee10 at haywire.csuhayward.edu

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