Question about Gullian Barre syndrom

Bob Scibienski rjscibienski at ucdavis.edu
Mon Dec 8 17:44:39 EST 1997

Guillian - Barre syndrome is thought to be an autoimmune demyelinating disease
(immune attack on the insulating material of the nerves).  It is almost always
associated with an infection or with immunization with an infectious disease
vaccine.  It is thought that exposure to the infectious agent circumvents the
normal controls which prevent antoimmunity, allowing production of antibodies
which attack the nerves.  In most cases the response is probably actually
directed against the infectious agent and should wane after the latter has been
controlled.  However, in a few cases the antibodies persist.  Sometimes the
problem can be defused by removing the immunoglobulins from the patient's blood
by a process called plasmaphoresis.  In rare cases the disease can progress to a
serious level and leave the patient with varying degrees of paralysis.  We will
hope that your daughter will be in the former group and that she will recover
with minimum sequealae.

Bob S.

Joerg Fischer <joerg at ivs-solutions.de> wrote:

>Some weeks ago my 5 years old daugther got a disease called 'Gullian
>Barre syndrom. Does anybody know something about it?

>Sorry if it isn't the right news-group here, maybe anyone knows where to
>ask fo that?

>Thanks in advance!

>Joerg Fischer

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