Question about Gullian Barre syndrom

Mitch Zimmer swomp at hi-fi-concerts.com
Sat Dec 13 12:10:50 EST 1997

Hello Joerg,

I think you have the correct newsgroup.  The information that I have is
about 7 years old. From what I remember, Gullian Barre syndrome is a one
time affliction, the majority of cases recover with few after effects. This
is unlike Multiple Sclerosis where there are cyclical periods of remission
and worsening paralysis. The reason why the syndrome appears seems to be a

Sorry that I can't be any more help.

Joerg Fischer <joerg at ivs-solutions.de> wrote in article
<348AD37A.782B4C8F at ivs-solutions.de>...
> Some weeks ago my 5 years old daugther got a disease called 'Gullian
> Barre syndrom. Does anybody know something about it?
> Sorry if it isn't the right news-group here, maybe anyone knows where to
> ask fo that?
> Thanks in advance!
> Joerg Fischer

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