B-Cells - Why one specificity?

mark mark.haynes at mail.tju.edu
Mon Dec 15 14:54:13 EST 1997

John Richard Seavitt wrote:
Does evolution play a significant role?
>snip<"it hasn't been selected against.  Yet."

I gotta disagree with that blanket statement, without knowledge I 
would agree that the B cell form did evolve from a something previous, 
but there is no indication that it was selected for or not selected 
against.  One could argue that a non-allelic exclusion model was tried 
and didn't work but that is only speculation.  I maybe allelic 
exclusion is normal and non-exclusion has been selected for fecundity 
or whatever? definately the receptor story is weak, any given cell has 
multiple receptors or which a portion are always ligated and the cells 
discriminate readily between receptor signals so i don't think it would 
be impossible for 2 ag receptors to work independently.  they could be 
regulated by different transcription factors.  Heck the the worst 
scenario I can think of would be an increase in auto-antibodies if both 
ab were made. 
is it a literal why or a figurative why?

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