B cells-Why one specificity

mark mark.haynes at mail.tju.edu
Mon Dec 15 14:29:27 EST 1997

A couple of things.  I thought I read somewhere that TCR genes are alleleic 
excluded.  form your comment I guess its the beta chain (which makes sense). 
whats interesting to me is the mechanics of allelic exclusion. the 
methylation has got to be specific, granted, but are rearragnments taking 
place on both chromosomes at the same time?  And how did this process evolve 
did it piggy-back itself on the process of imprinting.  another topic was 
touched on by someone else that made alot of sense and that is that a B cell 
making 2 abs would have to have discrete assembly mechanics so that the 
chains associated with their proper partner.

Have a happy and a merry!  Mark H

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