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Brian Foley btf at t10.lanl.gov
Tue Dec 16 17:42:14 EST 1997

mop33577 wrote:
> what's the constitution of the proteinous capsule of the hiv virus?

The gag gene product (Gag protein) is cleaved into matrix, capsid
and other proteins involved in packaging the viral RNA.

The pol gene product (Pol protein) is also packaged, but is
not really part of the capsule core or envelope shell.

The env gene product (Env glycoprotein) is incorporated into
the viral envelope, which consists of human cell-derived
lipid bilayer and many human cell envelope proteins as

Regulatory HIV gene products, such as Tat, Rev, Vif, Vpu,
Vpr and Nef are also packaged, but are not part of the
core or envelope.

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