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December 17, 1997

Looking for a position-molecular immunology/tumor immunology

Name: Li Zhang
Title: Lecturer and Research Associate,
Degrees: Ph.D., M.D., B.S
Expertise: research
Field: immunology, molecular biology, microbiology


NAME: Li Zhang

Department of Immunology,
The First Military Medical University,
GuangZhou, 510515  P.R.China
Tel: 0086-020-87799130
Fax: 0086-020-87705671
E-mail:fj5353 at fjnet.guangzhou.gd.cn

Sex: Male.
Nationality: Chinese
Health: Excellent
Hard Working: creativity; cooperative with drive and self-motivation;
and dedicated to learn and develop new skills.
Hobbies: A good basketball, table tennis player and Computer Programs

Fluently in English and Chinese with demonstrated good verbal=20
and written communication skills.

1996  SUN YAT-SEN University of Medical Sciences, GuangZhou, China.
      Degree: Ph.D.   Major: molecular immunology
1992  GuangDong Medical University, ZhanJiang,China.
      Degree: M.D.    Major: Medical Sciences.
1989  GuangZhou South Normal University, GuangZhou, China.
      Degree: B.S.     Major: Biology.
1979  School of Clinical Laboratory Technology, The first Military Medical
      University, GuangZhou, China.
      Major: Clinical Laboratory Technology.

Lecturer and Research Associate(1992-present), Department of immunology, The=
Military Medical University, GuangZhou, China.


1. Research Associate, Department of Immunology, The First Military Medical=
GuangZhou, P.R.China, 1997-Present=20
Studying the project regarding the expression of MAGE-1-epitope-HAL-A1=
 fusion proteins.
A DNA construct in which a cDNA fragment encoding the melanoma epitope=
 MAGE-1 was
inserted between sequences encoding the leader and the HLA-A1 protein.=
recombinant plasmids by restriction enzyme analysis, Southern blot, PCR and=
transformed E. Coli strain BL21 and tumor cell line with correct MAGE=
vector to express the recombinant proteins; extracted and purified these=
 proteins by gel
filtration and column chromatography,  tested the recombinant protein=
 antigenicity by
ELISA and immunogenicity by animal experiment. Studying MAGE-1 recognition=
specific CTL and cancer immunotherapy in clinic protocol.

2. Research Associate, Department of Pathophysiology, SUN YAT-SEN University=
Medical Sciences, GuangZhou,China, 8/1994-12/96
The these study focuses on the investigation of the function and mechanism=
 of genetically
modified tumor cells with antisense insulin-like growth factor-I (antisense=
 IGF-I) as tumor
vaccines to stimulate and induce immune response. The approach/methods:=
 transiently or
permanently transfect tumor cells by lipofectin, select and screen clone s=
 by limited=20
dilution and drug select, analysis of RNA and DNA[molecular hybridization:=
 Northern and
Southern], the expression of MHC antigens(class I and class II) confirmed by=
cytometry FACS, determining CEA and AFP levels of human hepatocellular=
 carcinoma cells
after gene transfer by radioimmunoassay(RIA), analyze LAK cell mediated=
 cytotoxicity by
51-Chrome release assay. In vivo animal study, immunize mice with the tumor=
and gene therapy with antisense IGF-I plasmid in established-tumor mice for=
 the measurement=20
of animal survival.

3. Research Associate, Department of Immunology, The First Military Medical=
GuangZhou, P.R.China, 8/1992-9/1993
The research of T cell vaccination against allotransplation reaction.=
 Established the heart
transplation model at ear in mice for host-versus-graft reaction, T cell=
 vaccination was made
from the spleen cells of BALB/C (H-2d) mice, which were induced by Con A or=
McAb were challenged with the allologous specific antigens [C57BL/6(H-2b)]=
 spleen cells.
Analyzed that the  phenotype(CD4+and CD8+) of T cell vaccination using flow=
(FACS440). The heart survival at ear were measured by electrocardiograph.

4. Assistant Researcher, Department of Pathophysiology,  GuangDong Medical=
ZhanJiang, China, 9/1989-7/92
Involved in studying tumor immunology as related to the pathogenesis of=
 infectious diseases=20
(EB virus related nasopharyngeal carcinoma, NPC). Extracted EBV by larger=
 scale culture
of B95-8 and Raji cells; EBV induce the transformation of PBMC; studying the=
 growth of
CNE-2Z and RAJI cells in presence of cytokines (rhIFN and rhIL-2). Using the=
of MTT, ELISA for the measurement of cytokines (including TNF, IFN and IL-2)=
 from NPC

5.Assistant Researcher, Department of Immunology, The First Military Medical=
GuangZhou, P.R.China, 8/1980-9/88
* Highly skilled in all aspects of microbiology(include: culture,=
 inoculation and biochemistry=20
analysis of bacterium and virus), with special emphasis on immunology=
 (include: general
technology about cellular and humoral immunology, cell culture, ELISA,
immunolfluorescence, monoclonal antibody, immunocytochemistry    =20

* Extensively engaged in the research of tumor immunology, set up the tumor=
model of animal, extract the surface antigen of tumor cell, measurement of=
 tumor metastasis

* Participated in the research of antigen combining cell bring Ehrilich=
 ascites carcinoma host=20
and human tumor therapy by using LAK cell and tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes=
 in clinic protocol

* Studying acupuncture on the effect of spontaneous lung metastasis from=
 Uterine cervix cancer
U14 in mice

The member of Chinese for Immunology
The member of Guangdong province for Immunology

1.Immunology(specifically tumor Immnuology) and Microbiology
2.Molecular Biology

Immunology -graduate and postgraduate course from 1989 to present, The First=
Medical University,

1. Science and Technique Advance Prize of Guangdong Province for the=
of EBV induced specific T cell in NPC patients in 1997
2. Science and Technique Advance Prize of PLA for the research of cytokines
in NPC patients in 1995 =20

1.Zhang, L. ShuNong, L.CEA and AFP secretion of human hepatoma cells
  transfeted by antisense IGF-I gene.
  Chinese J Clinical Oncology 1997;24(6):411
2.Zhang, L. ShuNong, L. Insulin-like growth factor-I. Foreign Medical=
  Sciences of Physiology and Pathology and Clinical 1997;17(2):174
3.Zhang, L. ShuNong, L. Effect of melanoma vaccine transfected by Antisense
  IGF-I gene on the anti-metastasis activity.
  J Microbiol and Immunol(Chinese) 1997;17(5):373
4.Zhang, L. ShuNong, L. The reseach of antisense IGF-I gene against mice B16
  melanoma. Immunol J(Chinese) 1997;13(4):235
5.Zhang, L. ShuNong, L. The effect of antisense IGF-I gene transfer on the
  expression of MHC antigens(class I and class II) of tumor cells.
  Chinese J Tumor Biotherapy 1996;3(4):260
6.Zhang, L. Wang, J. The effect of T cell vaccination against=
 allotransplation reaction.
  Immunol J(Chinese) 1997;13(2): 85
7.Zhang, L. Zhao, MingLun. The  effect  of cytokines on CNE-Z and Raji=
  J Chinese Immunol 1994;10(6):336
8.Zhang, L. Zhao, MingLun. The effect of Epstein-Barr virus induced=
 IL-2=A1=A2TNF and
  IFN in NPC patients and IgA/VCA positive individuals.
  J Chinese Immunol 1993;9(supplement):181
9.Zhang, L. Zhao, MingLun. The effect of  Epstein-Barr  virus induced =20
  supernatants of peripheral blood mononuclear cells from NPC patients=20
  and IgA/VCA positive individuals on CNE-2Z and RAJI cells.
  J Chinese Immunol 1993;9(supplement):186
10. Zhang, L. Effect of salt-partition moxibustion at shenque on spontanous=
    metastasis from Uterine Cervix cancer U14 in mice. WFAS International
    Symposium on the Trend of Research in Acupuncture, Rome, 22-24 October=
11. Zhang, L.CM-Pachymaran on the effect of spontaneous lung metastasis from
    urerine cervix cancer U14 in mice.  J First Milit  Med=
12. Zhang, L. The improvement of nonspecial esterase stain methods of
    macrophages. J First Milit Med Univ  1988;8(4):353
13. Jiang, S., Zhang, L. and Li, W. The antigen binding cells in spleen of
    tumor-bearing mouse.  Cancer(Chinese) 1985;1:14-20
14. Jiang, S., Zhang, L. and Li, W. The  reaction of Ehrlich ascites
    carcinoma-bearing host to thymus-independent antigen.
    Shanghai J Immunol. 1984;4:283-286

1. Li, ShuNong, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Director, Department of=
  SUN YAT-SEN University of Medical Sciences, GuangZhou, China. 510089
  Tel: 0086-020-87778223-3158(or 2398)
2. FuNing, M.D., Professor, Director, Department of Immunology, The First=
  Medical University,GuangZhou, China. 510515
  Tel: 0086-020-87705370-48797
3. Li, Wenjian, M.D., Professor, Department of Immunology, The First=
  Medical University, GuangZhou, China. 510515
  Tel: 0086-020-87705370-48482


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