Vit A & mucous membranes

mark mark.haynes at mail.tju.edu
Wed Dec 17 13:47:18 EST 1997

Andrew Louka wrote:
> I watched a TV documentary in the UK ("Horizon") recently about the use
> of bacteriophage in the fight against bacteria.  .,snip/.
> I understand that there is a chap in the UK who is working on this.
> Any thoughts?

> Andrew
> On 16 Dec 1997, Ralph L. Samson wrote:
> > Dear Readers,
> >        From my readings, considerable research was done in the 50's and
> > early 60's on Vitamin A (Retinol) and the proper functioning of the mucous
> > membranes..,snip.,

I like the phage story and if someone in the UK is working on it then it 
must be 'out' so to speak.  It seem on its face to be a reasonable 
approach and one that companies can make money with.  I remember reading 
something about this awhile back as well.  I don't know about retinol but 
I do take my vitamins!
happy holidays!markH

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