B-Cells - Why one specificity?

mark mark.haynes at mail.tju.edu
Thu Dec 18 13:45:03 EST 1997

Bernhard Kleine wrote
> Coming back to the Why-one-specifity-question I feel that this type of question implies that the
> evolutionary process aimed at rearranging just single immunoglobulin per cell (teleology). Such a
> thinking is fundamentally wrong IMHO. The only answer to the question is: because it had happened
> that way. Or do you really think that individual mutations, gene duplications, gene conversions etc.
> all happened to achieve finally the goal of a single Ig receptor on a B cell. You would be seing
> GOD's hand pulling away one base and substituting it with a wrongly paired one. Nice cartoon BTW.
> I think scientifically sound questions should be solved in a scientific way. I am eager to discuss
> this issue further. 
HI,  I just don't get it. Why does an apple fall to the ground, is 
equivalent, IMO, to what caused an apple to fall to the ground.  I 
realize that one interpretation of why is purpose but the semantics is 
killing me.  How did life begin, why did life begin?
just kidding!markH

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