Vit A & mucous membranes (phage therapy)

mark mark.haynes at mail.tju.edu
Thu Dec 18 13:27:50 EST 1997

Doug Pecota wrote:
> I can think of three reasons phage have not been used for controlling
> bacteria in the clinic.
> 1.  By the time you have isolated the phage and shown it to be safe
> bacteria that are resistant to it will already be present in the
> population.

what about a phage cocktail of sorts, for things like bacterial dysyntery or 
> 2.  The host range of many phage is very narrow so it is likely to be
> effective against a narrow spectrum of bacteria and only useful for
> digestive track ailments.

what about genetically engineering phage to be multi-specific? 

> 3   It is very cheap to make phage.  One could easily make enough phage
> in a lab to supply the world wide needs.  It also may not be possible to
> obtain exclusive rights for its use so it may not be that profitable.

 Now that do present a sticky wicket for the pharm co's! 
 But what about animals and plants?
> Hope this helps you better understand the problems that are likely to
> arise when using phage to treat disease.MarkH

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