B-Cells - Why one specificity?

Andrew Louka bb95asl at brunel.ac.uk
Thu Dec 18 15:08:53 EST 1997

I intend to ask my lecturer "why" did he set an essay asking "why" --but 
I'll wait until he's marked the work ;-)

Maybe he thinks that we're bright, and that we can solve the answer to 
life, the universe and everything (so he can take the credit)?! Well, 
that one _is_ easy... it's 42! [Hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy, Douglas 

Oh - only kidding if you're reading this Dr. Hudson :-D

On Thu, 18 Dec 1997, mark wrote:
> HI,  I just don't get it. Why does an apple fall to the ground, is 
> equivalent, IMO, to what caused an apple to fall to the ground.  I 
> realize that one interpretation of why is purpose but the semantics is 
> killing me.  How did life begin, why did life begin?

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