Hemoglobin Droping ...HELP NEEDED NOW!

Jordan Khor kck at khor.pc.my
Mon Dec 22 23:35:37 EST 1997

This is concerning a baby boy borned about 3 weeks ago. At first, he is
having jaundice for about 10 days. Now the blood analysis review that
the hemoglobin drops continuosly. Also the PCV, TWBC & platelets also
droping. He is now in hospital and the Drs have not identified the
cause. A bone marrow test will be done on 23 Dec. 1997, 8 am.

There is a case history for the baby's mother. First term baby girl also
have some kind of blood related problems and survived only 35days.
Second pregnancy ended abruptly in 35-week of gestation. Details are
available if required.  

We are urgently looking for advice from medical professionals. Please
send email to kck at khor.pc.my or jkhor at tm.net.my

Thank you in advance. 

Jordan Khor

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