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Guy Hermans ghermans at luc.ac.be
Mon Dec 22 02:05:12 EST 1997

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mafra at MAIL.UFV.BR (Claudio Mafra) wrote:

> I am looking for the software Tsites (identify antigenic T-cell sites).

> If you know where or how can I obtain a copy of this or another similar
> soft, thanks.

> Claudio Mafra

Actually, I posted a message some time ago advertising the fact that we
have a copy right here. I'll send it to you as an e-mail attachment today,
so I won't have to overload usenet servers all over the world by posting
it. If anyone else is interested in obtaining a copy, just e-mail me

Hint: for any question you would like to post, just check www.dejanews.com
first. They've got a huge usenet archive; you're likely to find the
answers to common questions right there.

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