Weaning from TPN - help needed

Lichtenstein mickyl at shum.cc.huji.ac.il
Sun Dec 28 17:17:47 EST 1997

Our son, 2.5 years of age, suffers from intrctable diarrehea of infancy
(suspected autoimmune entheropathy) since he was a few weks old. Besides
the ongoing diarrhea he had several periods of rheumatoid arthritis
involving his neck and both elbows (inflated, hot, with atypical red
spots). For the last 18 months he doesn't eat and is treated with TPN.
Before that he was bottle fed with Pregestimil and failed to gain weight
and height. He is well developed mentally, but still small for his age (83
cm height) and a little behind motorically. Typically to TPN treatment, he
suffers from Iron deficiency, and needs periodical blood tranfusions.

We want to try to wean him from TPN and to establish normal oral nutrition.
We would be thankfull for any suggestion regarding the appropriate
transitional process required, e.g. enhancing appetite, overcoming
swallowing difficulties and diet planning.

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