lymphocyte proliferation re platypus

mark mark.haynes at mail.tju.edu
Tue Dec 30 16:37:44 EST 1997

> Does anyone have any ideas about what possible mitogens and methods I might
> use for lymphocyte proliferation of platypus blood. I have tried ConA, LPS,
> PWM and PHA, with little or no luck. The best stimulation index I got was
> 3:1. The platypus has a core temperature of 32C, which may be what causes
> the problems. Maximum stimulation occurs at 32C with10% CO2 after 5 days
> incubation. Can anyone think of any other quick, simple tests other than
> lymphocyte proliferation that I could try? 
> Cheers Niall Stewart HI  it might help to look up methods for other exotic animals-maybe fish 
or shark ideas would help.  

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