B-Cells - Why one specifity ?

Tue Dec 30 20:42:11 EST 1997

Sorry, I was late to catch the discussion !
Now, I would like to tell you what I am thinking on the question.

                                WHY NOT ?
I am the defense system of an organism which is just in-between the
vertebrates and non-vertebrates. I am not satisfying with my skills, I can
not help evolution to start for a higher organism. I have started to think
how can I improve myself ? I need more repertoire against dangers to
guarantee the life of a higher one, I can not cause the evaluation to loose
its energy and time ! It kills me ! On the other hand, I am already refused
by the chromosomes for my offer, an extended repertoire, with a reason that
there is no more space there to code my needs. O.K., nobody can put me out
of my way, I will find something to keep more repertoire in somewhere by
myself ! But, how ? There are a few probable models to achieve this goal.
One of them is, recognition of a danger with a clone which would be created
through somatic diversification system, and keeping the clone forever then.
Lets try this model ! First of all, I must make a good plan for it, it is
essential. There could be at least two approach to construct the model. The
best construct is collection of all good repertoires in one effector cell
and announce it as my knight. But, this is pretty hard to process. In the
alternative construct, put one good repertoire per effector cell. This is
highly expensive but much easier to process. Additionally, this
construction is appropriate, for the time being, to enrich effector types
with same specificity but for different class attack. O.K., I am going to
try the second construct and calling it B-lymphocyte. What are the
pre-requisitions of this construct ? Setting up control sub-systems to
detect and destroy clones which are against self ! I will try my best. If I
can not set a 100% perfect control system, as we, biological systems, do
always, I will leave the matter to the negotiation of thresholds. What can
I do ? All investments carry its own risks ! Satisfaction of the
evolutionary pressure is enough for me to accept a result as an
achievement. On the other hand, if I have some clones which have more than
one repertoire against dangers, it is not a problem for me. I do not want
them only if I need to produce new effector types in the future with same
specificity but for different class attack, for example T-lymphocytes. I
must try to do my best, then, to control any leakiness. I can accept
multi-specific cells, in that time, if all are against the same danger.
However it is too little probability. In any way, I can leave the matter to
the negotiation of thresholds, again. So, I am starting to lead the
evaluation of my new construct now, B-lymphocytes !

Yes, this approach is how I understand the reasons or excuses of the immune
system. Ofcourse it did not calculate or plan anything as storied above, it
is the way of my expression. The data in literature together with tinny
details are quite fit upon this kind of theoretical approach, as I know.

Thanks for to let me to make this gymnastic.

Nese Akis

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