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Mon Feb 3 04:21:39 EST 1997

Hi MsNet....

Well, I have not really heard of any place that gives a B.S degree in
Immunology or Pathology.  They are degree programs that are offered at the
graduate level.  Many graduate schools place Immunology together with
their Microbiology or Pathology department.  So what I am trying to say is
that, eventhough it isd a good that you know what you want to do for the 
future, it is helpful to have a diverese education at the Undergratuate
level.  For exaple, think about getting a BA/BS in Biochemistry or
Biology.  I would advise you to get a BA.  Choosing which college to go to
is never easy, so here are some tips:--

1)  Choose what kind of school you wanna go to:  very small, small,
medium, or very larg schools.  Each have their own advantages and
disadv,....For example, small school provide you with a lot more personal
attention and personal guidence that many of the larger schools.

2)  Where would you like to go to school:  East coast, west, south,
midwest, out of the country...etc...

3)  Go and talk to your guidence officere at your high school....they have
lots of books with schools names and addresses including small
informations about any school. 

4)  Go also to your near public library, they also have informations and
people who can help you with many questions....

5)  Since you have a little more than a year to thank about, write a
letter directly to as many as schools as you want and ask them to send you
information regarding their school and natural science program.....

I hope this is a start;

if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask me.  I was faced with
the same situation about four years ago...

email:  dagmawii at

Dinnar I.

and good luck

On 1 Feb 1997, MsNetsirk wrote:

> Im a sophomore in high school and have already decided the primary field I
> want to study in college:  Immunology, and its counterpart, Pathology.  
> Any suggestions as to what courses/colleges have best programs?
> Any suggestions are appreciated.
> Thanks.  MsNetsirk

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