DTH and Footpad Swelling

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>                                 WANTED!

>A protocol for testing delayed-type hypersensitivity in mice by measuring
>footpad swelling following immunization.

>If you have a protocol for this, could you please post it here?

>It would be greatly appreciated by me and I suspect others reading this
>newsgroup would find it valuable.  Thank you in advance.

Years ago I did some work of this nature. I used the vehicle of the antigenic 
solution as the standard and measured the thickness of the paw (betweeen the 
dorsal and palmar aspects) with a constant pressure caliper. I injected 0.05 
ml of the stuff directly beneath the right palmar pad. The right (injected ) 
and left (non-injected control) paws were measured at 15 and 30 minutes 
(inmediate type hypersensitivity), 2 and 4 hours (intermediate type), adn 12, 
24, and 48 hours (delayed type). Every injection was replicated in 6 mice so I 
had 6 values for each measurement (6 mice injected with the standard and 6 
with the antigens).
	I compared the right with the left paws to see how much enlargement the 
injection (od the standard or the antigens) caused and how long it lasted. I 
also compared the right paws of the 6 standard-injected mice with the right 
paws of the 6 antigen injected mice. Comparison were made by the Wilcoxon 
(Mann-Whitney) test for unrelated samaples and by analysis of variance and 
Boferroni comparison.
	If you need more, just ask.

	Good luck,
				Omar O. Barriga, DVM, PhD        

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