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> > On 1 Feb 1997, MsNetsirk wrote:
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> > > Im a sophomore in high school and have already decided the primary
> field I
> > > want to study in college:  Immunology, and its counterpart, Pathology. 
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> > > Any suggestions as to what courses/colleges have best programs?
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> > > Any suggestions are appreciated.
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> > > Thanks.  MsNetsirk

	I'm a graduate student in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology
at OUHSC (yes, a lot of departments have it "split" that way, as you
will find, or have immunology as an interdepartmental program).  I used
to do the same thing when I was in high school, wondering where an
"endergrad program" in immunology existed, and I did not
understand...UNTIL I progressed and understood more of what the whole
thing is about!  By nature, immunology is very intensive and is more a
discipline that has sprung out of many: in the lab I'm doing my research
in, studying MHC molecules requires that I be equally proficient in
molecular biology, biochemistry, evolutionary biology, and population
genetics...see what I mean?  I did my undergraduate studies in
microbiology, which is also another important plus in terms of pathogen
responses.  Therefore, the best thing to do as an undergraduate would be
to get a broad understanding of these and other fields.

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