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Wed Feb 5 20:30:09 EST 1997

Niklas Agerhem wrote:
> Which is the most promising therapy in the immuno-field?
> Are there therapies with MOAB's that have been tested on humans.
> Results?

IMHO, there are several important developments in the clinical oncology 
The ones that I know are as follows;
The Genentech have been doing clinical trials for humanized antibody 
against HER-2 (30% of breast cancer overexpress HER2) and got extremely 
promising results (more than 10% response in advanced breast cancer with 
HER-2 overexpression) and are in the process of conducting large phase 
III trials. 
Ken Foone's group has demonstrated that anti-idiotype vaccination for 
CEA could break immune tolerance against this oncofetal or tumor 
specific antigen.
hope this helps.
Soon Paik, M.D.
NSABP Pathology

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