flow cytometer

Elke S.Bergmann-Leitner esbl at helix.nih.gov
Thu Feb 6 07:51:13 EST 1997

I was asked to post this message for a friend at WRAIR:

We need a flowcytometer for an overseas lab but don't have the money to
buy a new one right now.  If someone was getting rid of one over there,
we would love to take it off their hands...... even if it might need
some repairs.
Anyway, if there is such a bulliten board do you think you could paste
this message to it??????   Thanks,  Ted

                                FLOWCYTOMETER NEEDED

    We are in urgent need of a flowcytometer.  If you have one that you
longer need or want please contact either Dr. Jose Stoute at
202-782-3769 or Dr. 
Ted Hall at 202-782-3760.  Even if it needs repairs we would be

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