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Maureen M. Hughes mhughe1 at
Thu Feb 6 14:08:49 EST 1997

Dear MsNetsirk:

I am a senior at Loyola University of Chicago right now and will be
entering a Ph.D. program in Immunology/Microbiology in the fall.  I am a
Biology major, with Chemistry and Philosophy minors.  As you can see, I
have had interests outside of science that occurred due to the school I
have chose to attend.
I, too, would recommend going to a school that will give you as diverse an
education as possible.  I would recommend getting a B.S. in Biology,
Biochemistry, or Molecular Biology.  I know Vanderbilt has a Molecular
Biology major, but I would go for the straight biology major because you
may run into some interesting stuff in ecology or physiology (it could
happen).  Also, I would recommend going to a school with a heavy core
requirement, and although it could be a pain scheduling all the classes
you want, I realize I have become a much more diverse individual because
of the core at Loyola.
Also, just because you want to go into immunology, doesn't mean that you
have to be a biology major.  Try physics or chemistry instead.  Go for
what you are interested in, and keep an open mind.


Maureen Hughes

 MsNetsirk (msnetsirk at wrote:
: Im a sophomore in high school and have already decided the primary field I
: want to study in college:  Immunology, and its counterpart, Pathology.  

: Any suggestions as to what courses/colleges have best programs?

: Any suggestions are appreciated.

: Thanks.  MsNetsirk

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