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>Hi all,
>I am starting the painful process of finding a "good" postdoc. I was told
>that the current going rate for a US Postdoctoral salary on an NIH
>grant/fellowship was $18K-$20K. This sounded a bit low to me. Does anyone
>know what the standard NIH Postdoc salary is and could you please point me
>toward a reference? I want to be able to negotiate something higher if I
>can. Boy this is fun.

	The NIH standard scale starts at $19K and has a sliding scale increases
each year.  However, if you were to work at the NIH your starting pay would 
be about 28K with sliding scale increases each year.  It is unfortunate that 
the NIH doesn't follow its own suggested payscale because if it was forced to,
perhaps post-doc wages would be much more reasonable.  Many labs do pay more, 
so the final pay you receivecan be negotiated to nearly any amount.  If you
search through the NIH web pages, look at their employment section to find
the list of wages they actually pay.  That may serve as a barganing tool.

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