need help on delayed type hypersensitivity

Esch esch at
Sat Feb 8 08:56:51 EST 1997

DTH testing by intradermal Mantoux-type skin tests (just like the
tuberculin skin test) with common microbial antigens is one way of
determining whether the subject's immune T cells are functioning.  You can
use PPD tuberculin, mumps vaccine, Candida albicans,
stretokinase-streptodornase, tetanus vaccine, or any other antigenic
preparation that should provoke a positive reaction.  The idea is to use
the DTH skin tests as "recall antigens."  In subjects with impaired immune
function (caused by chemotherapy, malnutrition, candidiasis, etc.) skin
test responses will be markedly depressed.  The skin test responses will
reappear as the immune function returns...This procedure is very
cost-effective as compared to the in vitro tests to measure immune
function (lymphocyte proliferation assays).  It takes 24-48 hours after
application and less than $2/test...

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