Th1-Th2 / MHC dependent?

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>In article <32F6EE3E.7779 at>, psantos at wrote:
>> My question is: is there any evidence to assume that different
>> individuals could present a Th1 or Th2 response to the same pathogen
>> (e.g. M. tuberculosis), developing resistance or susceptibility,
>> influenced by their MHC molecules and the peptides they select for
>> presentation?
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>> Paulo Santos

Kim Bottomly (at Yale) has presented data that the same peptide in the 
context of 2 different MHC molecules can produce 2 different responses in
and in vitro culture system.  The peptide binds well to I-A(s), driving Th1
development, and poorly to I-A(b), driving Th2 development.  Alterations in
peptide binding affinities can be used to switch the responses.

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