Mark Haynes Mark.Haynes at
Tue Feb 11 15:19:45 EST 1997

Rachel Teitelbaum wrote:
> There was a while back a treatment I thought was promising, but have lost
> sight of the follow-up.  Anyone out there know what happened?  They were
> transfecting cancer cells with a plasmid containing the gene for a
> costimulatory molecule, called B7.  
I think I too remember someting of this sort.  I'm sure its a model 
though.  Transfection would necessarily have to be done on a personal 
basis.  Also, because the co-receptors for the B7 family are implicated 
in stimulation (CD28) or tolerance (CTLA$), it would be important to to 
somehow skew the results toward interaction with CD28.

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