Th1-Th2 / MHC dependent?

Mark Haynes Mark.Haynes at
Tue Feb 11 15:30:24 EST 1997

> > My question is: is there any evidence to assume that different
> > individuals could present a Th1 or Th2 response to the same pathogen
> > (e.g. M. tuberculosis), developing resistance or susceptibility,
> > influenced by their MHC molecules and the peptides they select for
> > presentation?

My guess is that alot depends on the antigen/APC combination moreso than 
the MHC allele although my prediction doesn't preclude association with 
MHC and, in fact, certain alleles will obviously present the same 
peptides with greater or lessor affinities, or will present different 
peptides from the same parent molecules.

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