I need help with my ELISA

Mizuno Postmaster at mizuno.com
Fri Feb 14 01:58:38 EST 1997

Call Pharmingen and ask for one of their catalogs.
They have a simple protocol in the back of their catalog.
You can also order antibodies (perhaps even matching pairs) for your ELISA
from the catalog. 
What exactly ARE your difficulties?

Mark Mizuno
Bristol-Myers Squibb PRI
Seattle, Washington
mizuno at bms.com

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jlk1117440 at aol.com (Jlk1117440) wrote:

> I'm having difficulty performing an ELISA....I believe I may be using an
> old, perhaps incorrect, protocol.  I would greatly appreciate any
> references to protocols or protocols that you have found successful, or
> any other relevant advice.  Thank you.
>                                    Jim Knoetgen, MD
>                                    St. Luke's - Roosevelt Hospital
> Center/Columbia Univ.
>                                    Department of Surgery

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