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David Schneberger terminotaur at
Sat Feb 15 13:30:03 EST 1997


   Very new to this group I'm not sure how many times this question has
been asked, but I will ask it anyhow.

   Any suggestions on how to get into graduate studies at a university.
   Now before I get the old canned answers like "get good grades", "find
the best centers" etc. I should give my situation.

   I graduated last year with a BSc(honours) in Microbiology from a
Canadian University. The problem faced is that my average was about a 79%,
thanks in large part to some classes not directly related to my interests.
MY average in my last year was about 82 or 83%. Immunology classes were 89
and 88% (both very high for the classes they were in). Both were my first
exposure to immunology, and I've been hooked ever since.

   My attempts at finding a place to take graduate studies have been met
with roadblock after roadblock. The major one being, thanks to various
budget cuts many departments don't seem to have the funding to take anyone
on. Those that stand a chance of taking someone on want the student ot
have a scholorship in place, but seeing as competition for these is so
high that is not an option. I have modest finances and have even suggested
I pay my way, but many seem concerned that I will run out of money or

   I will grant that I am certainly not the best at speaking in public,
but am inproving. What I seem to be having problems with is making people
understand that this is not some whim or student that wants some job
training. I've been resolved to getting my PhD since I was in grade
school. In high school I did the ole science fair circuit and won every
time (making the nationals and a bronze the first and last time I tried
for it). Not to sound rabid on the point but I will feel my life is
incomplete without at least making that point.

   Any suggestions on what I could do or places to look are greatly welcomed.

   David Schneberger
   terminotaur at
   dms134 at

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