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Sat Feb 15 16:53:06 EST 1997

Dear MsNetsirk,
  I read about your concerns, and tend to agree with all of your
respondants, especially Dr. Brunner; however, please to not forget the
importance of a well-rounded, liberal education.  I know that you must
feel somewhat innundated with all the advice, but remember this above all:
undergraduate education is for one to gain an appreciation and
understanding in a broad range of disciplines.  I appreciate the fact that
there are younger students out "there" who wish do enter into these
fields; I know that i enjoy them.  Please give thought to the possibility
of pursuing your post graduate/professional training at the medical or
veterinary level.  There are many institutions that support dual degree
programs; for instance, I am pursuing both a degree in veterinary
medicine, as well as a Masters degree in immunology.  From my experience,
there is no subsitute for the medical/veterinary background in training to
be an immunologist (or molecular scientist in general) in the scientific
future.  You are young now, so just concentrate on having fun (before it
is too late), but remember this advice later; it will open op doors you
never can imagine right now.  Good luck :)

Marty Gilmore
Diagnostic Medicine and Pathobiology
College of Veterinary Medicine
Kansas State University
Mdg11773 at or martyg at

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