Desensitization for chemicals

Betty Bridges bcb56 at
Sun Feb 16 00:27:05 EST 1997

I don't think passing on information is practicing medicine.  I did not
ask for a diagnosis, treatment, or mediciation.  I  simply asked if 
such a treatment existed.  The only reason I provided specifics was to
give enough information to make it clear what type of chemicals I was
referring to since in reality everything is made of chemicals.  It
would be my responsibility as to what I do with information that is

Betty Bridges, RN

Michael A. Fishman wrote:

Does it occur to you that if somebody here replied to your
post with `advice', he/she would be guilty of practicing
medicine without a licence?

Betty Bridges had written:
> Is there any desensitization available for chemicals?  I have a
severe hypersensitivity to the fragrance chemical "amylcinnamaldehyde".
>The severe asthmatic reaction I have from exposure makes it very
>difficult for me to function in public settings because of the wide
>spread use of this chemical in fragranced products of all types.

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