Postdoc Salaries

Mark Haynes Mark.Haynes at
Wed Feb 19 14:25:13 EST 1997

Postdoc salaries vis a vis NIH guidlines used to be available by getting 
a packet for an NRSA application.  18-20 sounds about right unfortunately 
Often there are increases if the city is ex[pensive.  THat may be why 
Robin in Boston is receiving more.  Watch out though, as a non-US citizen 
you may encounter sone individauls who are unwilling to pay the going 
rate.  Ultimately you should be interested in the work, in the lab (if 
you like the big post-doc factory experience that is nowdays supposed to 
be the best for future returns due to the importance politics  and 
friends in high places is for grant success. Good hunting.

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