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Ross Turbyfill kturbyfi at
Wed Feb 19 18:28:30 EST 1997

Terry Grissell wrote:
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> > I am a PhD student at the University of Queensland, and my project involves
> > raising antibodies against a particular protein.
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> > I started off injecting two rabbits with Freunds adjuvant mixed
> > >snip>>
> The only good rabbit is a dead rabbit (rock on Mr.Calicivirus!)
> Seriously, I have raised antibodies to a couple of viral proteins in
> rabbits. I don't know the answer your exact problem, but I'll give you the
> standard method I used which worked fine.
> Primary inoculation: 1:1 emulsion of 100-200ug purified protein : COMPLETE
> Freund's ( inject 5 sites intradermally dorsal surface with 0.2ml per site
> AND 4 sites intramuscularly rear thigh muscles with 0.5ml per site)
> Booster inoculations: 1:1 emulsion of 100-200ug purified protein :
> INCOMPLETE Freund's (inject 4 sites intramuscularly rear thigh muscles with
> 0.5ml per site)
> A couple of notes: (i) booster injection 3 weeks after primary injection,
> then every two weeks thereafter as necessary (ii) some bunnies did not
> respond no matter what I tried, about 1 out of every 4. If no antibodies
> after 2 boosters, give up and try another rabbit
> Hope this helps.
> Cheers, Terry
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> Now, if only we had an Eskimo phrase book .... ah! Here's one!
> (The Goodies)

I concur with Terry's immunization is very similar to the
one I wasn't stated in the original post, but was there a good
mixing of the Freund's with the protein?  Getting that emulsion right
was the key I had to learn...

By the way, you got rabbits to tolerate 1 M Urea?

Just my opinion...
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