Autoimmune Hepatitus

Richjansen richjansen at
Sat Feb 22 04:07:20 EST 1997

>I need information regarding autoimmune
>hepatitus. What causes it? I had  contracted a
>serious bout of Hep A last year. Could this have
>triggered  the autoimmune situation? What
>treatments are available? What is the role  of
>nutrition and exercise? What about homopathic and
>herbal treatments.  Any and all info would be
>appreciated. Thank you.

Autoimmune hepatitis is usually treated with steriods.  I am not sure
anybody can really say for sure how you got it.  I suppose your body'
immune system could have could have become *senstitized* to your liver
during your HAV infection.  Try search for hepatitis and find
your way to sights that are specific to your needs if no one here can
answer your questions.

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