quick bioassy gamma Interferon?

Paul R Clark prc at U.Arizona.EDU
Mon Feb 24 00:40:33 EST 1997

On Sat, 22 Feb 1997 hastings at btigate.com wrote:

> Is anyone aware of a quick [overnite] crude bioassay for  gamma 
> interferon production in whole blood samples?  Don

I don't nessesarily concider proliferation assays as 'quick', but I
noticed a bioassay using WEHI-279 cells which demonstrate growth
inhibition in the presence of IFNg. These are murine lymphoma cells, so
they may or may not work for human periferal blood. May be of some use.

J. Immunol.(1987) 139:767

Paul R Clark
prc at U.Arizona.EDU

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