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Michael Smith mfs3k at
Wed Feb 26 10:02:34 EST 1997

Funded position available immediately to study molecular mechanisms
involved in intestinal inflammation with emphasis on the regulation of
cytokine gene expression in macrophages and monocytes.  Current research
involves analysis of mechanisms controlling the transcriptional
regulation of the IL-1 receptor antagonist gene as well as
characterizing the signal transduction events which lead up to gene
activation (see references below).  Candidates should have experience in
molecular biology, biochemistry, and/or signal transduction research. 
Submit curriculum vitae and names of three references to: Michael F.
Smith, Ph.D., University of Virginia School of Medicine, Division of
Gastroenterology and Hepatology, PO Box 10013, Charlottesville, VA

Smith, Jr., M. F., D. Eidlen, M. T. Brewer, S. P. Eisenberg, W. P.
Arend, and A. Gutierrez-Hartmann. 1992. The human IL-1 receptor
antagonist promoter: cell type-specific activity and identification of
regulatory regions.  J. Immunol. 149:2000-2007.
Smith, Jr., M. F., D. Eidlen, W. P. Arend, and A. Gutierrez-Hartmann.
1994. The  LPS-induced expression of the human IL-1 receptor antagonist
gene is controlled by multiple, interacting promoter elements.  J.
Immunol. 153:3584-3593.
Ohmori, Y., M.F. Smith, Jr., and T.A. Hamilton. 1996.  IL-4-induced
expression of the IL-1 receptor antagonist gene is mediated by STAT6. 
J. Immunol. 157:2058-2065
Jenkins, J.K., W.P. Arend, and M.F. Smith, Jr.  1997.  Intracellular
interleukin-1 receptor antagonist promoter: Cell type-specific and
inducible regulatory regions.  J. Immunol. 158:748-755.
Guthridge, C.J., D. Eidlen, A. Gutierrez-Hartmann, and M.F. Smith, Jr. 
1997. Lipopolysaccharide and Raf-1 kinase regulate secretory IL-1
receptor antagonist gene expression by mutually antagonistic
mechanisms.  Mol.Cell. Biol. 17:  In press.. March issue

The University of Virginia is an equal opportunity/affirmative action

Michael F. Smith, Jr., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Division of Gastroenterology
University of Virginia Health Sciences Center
Building MR4, Box 1031
Charlottesville, VA 22908

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