Vacation work wanted for Student

Charlie ceg23 at
Wed Feb 26 10:46:14 EST 1997

Firstly I apologise for crossposting, but I am desperately looking for
summer work in and around the Manchester area.

I am currently in my second year at Cambridge University and I have
studied pathology for one year.  I am hoping to specialise in cellular
pathology and immunology in my third year, my main areas of interest
being AIDS and cancer.

I am looking for work experince over the summer (July till middle of
September) preferably pathology based (in labs if possible).  I am not
looking to be paid (but it would be nice) I would just like the
experience.  I live in Royton (near Manchester, England) and would like
a job close enough that I can live at home (i.e. around Manchester).

If you can offer me anything please e-mail me and I can send a CV to

I am also currently studying Biochemistry and Molecular cell biology,
and am highly computer literate.

Charlotte Giles

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