Antibody to human macrophage scavenger receptor (I) wanted

Douglas Walker Douglas_Walker at
Fri Feb 28 00:33:12 EST 1997

I am looking for an antibody to the human macrophage scavenger receptor preferably 
specific to type I, but recognizing type I and II would be ok. This would be used in our 
studies in vivo and in vitro on the interactions of the Alzheimer amyloid peptide with 
human brain microglia.
Anybody who has one and would be willing to let us have a little, or knows of someone 
who has one, or knows of a commercial source l might have missed (have scoured catalogs 
and company web pages), please respond by email.  Many thanks
Douglas Walker
Neurological Sciences
University of British Columbia
Vancouver Canada.
email Douglas_Walker at
or dgwalker at

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